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Mae Govannen Wiki is the home of the roleplay for Lord of the Rings Online, The Crimson Wings is a roleplaying kinship in the Lord of the Rings Online, it is the home guild for the Grand Imperial Order. We strive to provide an exceptional experience for roleplayers and gamers of all ages and experience. From Lord of the Rings Online, the Mae Govannen community will soon be expanding across numerous games, particularly MMO games. Here we seek to become a large and varied group of gamers across many games with members sharing all that each game offers in RP, PvP, and PvE. 

The Crimson Wings was originally created by Kwagarr Ocata (aka Andrew Palmer, CEO of GIO) and this wiki was originally created by the founder and president Scott McMillan. In roleplay, Scott has taken on the identity of Ibram Venables, Captain of the Rangers of the Order.

If you do not already have an official Wikia account, please try to do so ASAP, preferably under the same name as your main character or identity in one of our games. A Staff Member will most likely edit your page to the basic template, but after that it's all yours! Feel free to edit it to your preference. .

Once you've made an account, you are free to explore, edit, and publish on the Wiki. This includes any characters, lore, etc. Just make sure to notify a Staff Member when doing so, and keep in mind that poorly-made/abandoned pages are subject to Staff edits or deletion.

We hope you have fun creating, documenting, and sharing your own adventures, both in game and on the Wiki. Thank you for visiting the Mae Govannen Wiki!

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